With over 100 members, the Contemporary Studies Network aims to provide a platform for discussion of emerging research and to support networking and public engagement opportunities amongst scholars with an interest in contemporary literature, culture, politics, and critical theory, who are based in the Midlands and North of the United Kingdom.

We hold reading group sessions every two months and organise other events.

To receive further details on our initiatives, and to sign-up to our mailing list, please send your name and affiliation to contemporarystudiesnetwork@gmail.com.

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Chair: Dr Rachel Sykes // @rachelizasykes // r.sykes@bham.ac.uk

Rachel is a lecturer in Contemporary American Literature at the University of Birmingham. She is a specialist in contemporary American literature and culture, particularly the role of quietness and “oversharing” in C20 and C21 US fiction.

Vice-Chair: Dr Diletta De Cristofaro // @tedilta // d.decristofaro@bham.ac.uk

Diletta is a Teaching Fellow in English Literature at the University of Birmingham. Her research takes place at the intersection of literary studies and philosophy to interrogate the way in which contemporary Anglophone narratives – in particular, post-apocalyptic fiction – construct time and history.

Vice-Chair: Dr Arin Keeble //@KeebleArin // a.keeble@napier.ac.uk

Arin is a Lecturer in Contemporary Literature and Culture at Edinburgh Napier University. Arin’s research focuses on the way contemporary literature and culture represents and responds to terrorism, crisis and disaster.