Reading Group

Our calendar for 2018/19 can be found below – we look forward to seeing many of you!

Participants will read a maximum of 50 pages per meeting and all readings will be provided for attendees at least two weeks before the meeting, via a secure page on our website.

We welcome all students, independent scholars, and researchers to attend what we hope will be a rewarding and rigorous academic session. To become a member and to sign-up to our mailing list, please send your name, affiliation, and research interests to

2018-2019 SCHEDULE

  • 10 October 2018, University of Birmingham, Arts Building room LR6 222, 4-6pm, Islamophobia. Led by Professor Peter Morey (University of Birmingham).
  • 5 December 2018, University of Birmingham,  Arts Building room LR4, 4-6pm, Women’s Sexual Pain. Led by Hannah Loret-Howick (Nottingham Trent University).
  • 6 February 2019, University of Birmingham, 4-6pm, Xenofemism. Led by Dr Rachel Sykes (University of Birmingham).
  • 27 March 2019, University of Birmingham, Arts Building, room 119, 4-6pm, Extraction. Led by Christine Okoth (KLC).

2017-2018 SCHEDULE

  • Critical Kinks. Led by Sean Richardson.
  • Ending Poverty panel discussion, part of Newcastle Freedom City.
  • Stuplimity in the Age of Trump. Led by Dr Alica Bennett.
  • Environmental Humanities. Led by Nadhia Grewal.
  • The Economic Humanities. Let by Dr Paul Crosthwaite.

2016-2017 SCHEDULE

  • Telephony and Literature. Led by Dr Sarah Jackson.
  • Space and Neoliberalism. Led by Sam Cooper.
  • The End(s) of Postcolonial Studies. Led by Dr Neelam Srivastava.
  • A.I. & Futurity. Led by Andrew Rowcroft.
  • Trans/Feminisms. Led by Dr Rachel Sykes.

2015-2016 SCHEDULE

  • What is the Contemporary? Led by Dr Rachel Sykes.
  • Trauma and Catastrophe. Led by Dr Arin Keeble.
  • Time and History. Led by Dr Diletta De Cristofaro.